Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire Gameplay Review

I'm playing Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire, a turn-based strategy game by Membraine Studios.

With short (five mission for each of the two factions), linear campaigns, a skirmish mode with only three maps, woefully insufficient video tutorials, and no multiplayer, Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire lacks compelling features. The drab interface makes it difficult to quickly alter orders and prides itself on imprecise unit movement; it is also impossible to tell the difference between destroyed enemies and units that have already moved. Company-sized units consist of infantry and mechs (or tanks, depending on which side you play). Units can be ordered to move then shoot, rapidly move a great distance, shoot more accurately, overwatch an area, regroup, or assault. Orders can fail, an annoying game mechanic that introduces a significant amount of random luck. Units can be suppressed, reducing their effectiveness. The AI is poor at taking objectives quickly. Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire is a bland strategic experience with few, if any, redeeming attributes.