Monday, February 09, 2015

Freaking Meatbags Gameplay Review

I'm playing Freaking Meatbags, a real-time tower defense strategy game by Wild Factor.

Featuring fifteen scenarios that offer a mix of resource collection, tower defense, and action, money earned during each mission can be spent on new items to builds and upgrades to existing units. The disloyal humans gain experience over time based on their actions; high-level personnel can be recruited for the next mission in the campaign. Additional manpower can be gained by fusing two humans in a DNA chamber; the result will incorporate the XP of his or her “parents”. A variety of attack and defense buildings can be placed to defend against the nightly raids, and the robot avatar can be controlled directly, equipped with various weapons. Thanks to the recruitment model and action-oriented missions, Freaking Meatbags adds some unique features to the typical tower defense formula.