Thursday, February 19, 2015

Frozen Cortex Gameplay Review

I'm playing Frozen Cortex, a turn-based sports strategy game by Mode 7 Games.

Featuring a number of customizable single player modes, along with asynchronous multiplayer and league support, the game is a combination of American football and rubgy. Each match takes place on a randomized map of blocks placed to prevent movement. The goal is to score a touchdown (for seven points) by advancing the ball into your end zone by passing (up to three times per possession) or running. Optional score zones are also scattered on the field, awarding two points each. The intuitive interface allows players to pass, run, and pause movement easily. Stopped players will automatically block and tackle opponents or intercept a nearby pass; thus, defensive strategy involves placing stationary at the various chokepoints on the map, while the offensive team needs to circumvent these pitfalls. The AI is quite adept at the game rules, providing a good challenge in most single-player modes. Frozen Cortex is a highly recommended title that offers deep, approachable tactical gameplay with high replay value.