Thursday, March 05, 2015

A Druid’s Duel Gameplay Review

I'm playing A Druid’s Duel, a turn-based strategy game by Thoughtshelter Games and Surprise Attack Games.

The game features a campaign mode with scenarios against increasingly numerous enemies. There is also online or local multiplayer across twenty-two maps for two to four players, but no skirmish mode against an AI opponent. The goal is to capture all of the land spaces; land generates mana that can be spent to summon new druids, transform druids into their animal form, or cast spells. Maps offer obstacles, fairies to capture for an instant mana bonus, or relics for a continual mana drip. Four druid classes dot the landscape, each with different movement and attack rules and various animal forms with even more strategic options. The AI opponents, although obviously benefiting from superior initial numbers in later missions, execute some thoughtful tactics. A Druid’s Duel offers quick games and streamlined rules without sacrificing depth.