Monday, March 16, 2015

Reassembly Gameplay Review

I'm playing Reassembly, an arcade space shooter by Anisoptera Games.

The game involves exploring a large, procedurally-generated universe for fun and profit, unlocking new spawn points and achieving tutorial-like objectives along the way. Controls are typical for a top-down shooter (WASD to move and the mouse to aim), but initially obscure keys are used to access various menus (such as “1” for the ship customization screen and TAB for command mode). Gathered resources can be returned to stations for cash, which can then be spend on unlocking new items for the ship; credits can also be earned by destroying enemy ships. Ship customization is intuitive thanks to automatically snapping to existing items: hull blocks, weapons, generators, and thrusters can be added with ease. Design power limits can be increased with credits. The game universe is populated with both friendly and enemy ships (identified by their color schemes); allies can be recruited into fleets for more epic battles. Combat is fast and location-specific damage is offered. Reassembly elevates itself above the typical arcade shooter thanks to the robust ship customization options.