Monday, March 30, 2015

The Spatials Gameplay Review

I'm playing The Spatials, a space station management simulation by Weird and Wry.

The game consists of two phases: space station construction and away missions on planets. Rooms connected by corridors are placed to satisfy the needs of the crew and visitors: sleep, food, and entertainment. In addition, resources collected from planets can be used to manufacture goods and more advanced meals. Officers gain experience during missions, and better skills acquired as loot can be applied. Randomized planets each have missions that usually involve killing specified objectives; the rewards are experience and access to that planet’s resources, which can be used on the station for both life support and profit. Officers are ordered around as a group, left-clicking to both move and attack. Special abilities can also be activate using the number keys. Assigning officers to a system’s embassy results in faster resource collection. The Spatials enhances the basic management game by offering missions, officer upgrades, and randomly-generated content.