Friday, March 13, 2015

Vietnam '65 Gameplay Review

I'm playing Vietnam '65, a turn-based strategy game by Every Single Soldier and Slitherine.

The game only features one scenario, but changes the locations around. The Americans have forty-five turns to win the hearts and minds of the natives by destroying enemy units and putting out village fires. Viet Cong and NVA units spawn randomly and raid villages, plant mines, and set up ambushes. The interface is designed with a mobile device in mind, with relatively limited input means; scrolling is especially annoying. Reinforcements are gained from political points earned by destroying the enemy; infantry, engineer, armor, artillery, and helicopter units are present. Units gain experience with combat, and helicopters must shuttle supplies forward or units will disappear permanently. Intelligence on enemy units hiding in the jungle is gained by visiting villages, so they are important landmarks to guard. A clear victory chance is displayed before engaging in combat. While Vietnam '65 has some unique gameplay, the ideas grow thin and repetitive quickly.