Monday, April 06, 2015

Out of the Park Baseball 16 Gameplay Review

I'm playing Out of the Park Baseball 16, a sports management simulation by Out of the Park Developments.

The latest version of the franchise introduces actual MLB and minor league team logos, 2015 opening day rosters all the way down to rookie leagues, a couple of new leagues, and the ability to play as either the manager or GM (or both). The interface adds player information pop-ups, but the 3D game presentation still lags well behind in terms of quality and signability filters or sorting during drafts would be very helpful. The team owner now gives more specific and interesting short-term and long-term goals for the squad, and coaches now have personalities that affect their performance. Games can be rained out as well. The addictive, detailed gameplay remains from previous years, with robust roster management, game tactics, player stats, and historical league support. Out of the Park Baseball 16 adds enough new features and improvements to make the latest edition worth it for fans of the series or sports management games in general.