Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Star Ruler 2 Gameplay Review

I'm playing Star Ruler 2, a 4X space real-time strategy game by Blind Mind Studios.

Several races with different attributes vie for the domination of the galaxy both against the AI and online. Each planet produces a single resource that can be exported to other planets; planets will level up when required resources are imported, so setting up trade lanes is an important and interesting aspect of the gameplay. Easy fleet construction is done by building flagships and support vessels simultaneously; they then are ordered as a single permanent group. Custom layouts can also be designed for each ship, incorporating researched components for more effective vessels. Ships will automatically attack the enemy, and various forms of FTL travel provide quicker access to far-flung worlds. Diplomacy relies on proposals made to the galactic council, which then are voted upon using influence points. The research tree is a gigantic, confusing mess. Still, Star Ruler 2 adds some innovative ideas to the 4X game with resource trade and ship customization.