Friday, April 10, 2015

VoidExpanse Gameplay Review

I'm playing VoidExpanse, an open-world space adventure action role-playing game by Atomic Torch Studio.

Various factions fight over control of a randomly-generated galaxy, one of which can be joined. The game features both single player and online multiplayer modes, and also supports user modifications. Eight classes grant different starting abilities and slight different skill trees. The game is played from an overhead perspective, and the ship is moved using the WASD keys and spacebar to stop, while the interface supports both hotkeys and direct mouse-clicking. The mouse aims while the mouse buttons shoot weapons, and can be customized into weapon groups. A fussy autopilot and cruise mode are used for faster travel amongst the stars. Space stations serve as centers to repair, refuel, get new missions, and purchase or install parts. Experience and cash can be earned by destroying plentiful pirates, mining, trade, and completing missions (bounty hunting, escort, rescue, deliver and item). Experience is used to unlock new skills, which improve ship performance and enable more advanced components to install on the ship. Overall, VoidExpanse is a solidly executed space adventure game.