Wednesday, May 06, 2015

DiRT Rally Early Access Beta Gameplay Preview

I’m playing the early access beta version of DiRT Rally, a racing simulation by Codemasters.

The game currently includes quick rally events, with a customizable lineup and weather conditions, online leagues, online events with daily, weekly, and monthly challenges, and a career mode where team personnel and cars upgrade over time. Plans for the future include the addition of hillclimb and rallycross events.

Thirty-six stages are present in three different settings. The developers have opted for more realistic circuits, with one-lane bumpy roads that always give a feeling of being slightly out of control. Events average around five minutes each, which is lengthy enough to satisfy most aspiring rally drivers.

Graphics are nice, especially precipitation effects, with detailed cars and variety track environments. Sound design is also handled well, with the informative co-driver and auditory cues on car performance.

The seventeen cars span from the 60’s to more modern options. Handling is done well, providing powerful, responsive cars that are not twitchy but still realistic and aren’t glued to the terrain. However, the damage model remains unrealistically forgiving.

Based on the already-enjoyable current state of the game, with continued improvements during development, DiRT Rally is poised to become the superior rally simulation when it is released.