Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Starlight Tactics Gameplay Review

I'm playing Starlight Tactics, a turn-based tactical combat game by Escape Hatch Entertainment.

The game features an unexciting, repetitive fifty mission campaign where ships can be purchased, repaired, and upgraded between missions using command points earned during each scenario. A limited skirmish mode is also available. The interface, designed for mobile devices (tutorials refer to tapping on the screen), allows rough adjustments to movement and firing angles. The different ship classes, from destroyers to carriers, typically rely on plasma weapons or missiles. During the turn-based combat, ships move first and then fire; clear firing indicators show whether shots will impact the enemy target. Still, there is little variation in tactics between missions. While inert in early scenarios, the AI gets ever so slightly more competitive later on. Starlight Tactics is a very light turn-based spaceship combat game designed for the casual mobile crowd.