Monday, June 08, 2015

The Masterplan Gameplay Review

I'm playing The Masterplan, a tactical strategy game by Shark Punch.

The game features different missions where the crime gang steals money and unlock new levels. Additional goons or weapons can be purchased between missions, and the generally free-form level design is supported by multiple solutions to each heist. The interface relies on mouse-driven commands (left-click select, right-click move or interact), and actions can be queued with the shift key. While you can box-select multiple people, there is no keyboard shortcut to “select all” (such as the tilde key) for faster selection. The real-time action can be paused. The game prefers the use of stealth over action; pointing a gun will threaten civilians and allow you to directly control them, which is a really neat mechanic. The Masterplan ends up being a satisfying crime-based tactical strategy game.