Friday, July 24, 2015

Executive Assault Gameplay Review

I'm playing Executive Assault, a real-time strategy game by Hesketh Studios.

The game features skirmish games (no campaign) against the AI or online on just six maps supporting two or four players. The bare interface lacks typical RTS features like hotkey groups. It is also essentially impossible to visually find important crystal locations scattered around the map. Iron is the main resource, extracted from the ground and used to construct buildings and units. Buildings must be connected to the only power plant by pylons, and the power balance can be distributed between different systems. Units include bots, tanks, mechs, and aircraft; units can be equipped with researched weapons and armor. Research involves a fairly extensive series of trees covering weapons, buildings, and special abilities. Units can be directly controlled in a first-person view; it is pretty fun to lead a mass of units to storm the enemy base. But, despite the novelty of directly controlling units, limited features, an insufficient interface, and basic mechanics severely hinder Executive Assault.