Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Lethis - Path of Progress Gameplay Review

I'm playing Lethis - Path of Progress, a city building simulation by Triskell Interactive.

Featuring a campaign with twenty-six very challenging missions (that cannot be skipped over) and a sandbox mode lacking custom and randomized maps, Lethis - Path of Progress takes the city builder to a steampunk Victorian age. The interface is very basic, with some overlays for map-based data; the game doesn’t tell you which types of buildings have collapsed, which is extremely frustrating. A good variety of different structures can be placed: housing, food, industry, storage, services, and decorations. However, a number of problems inhibit the gameplay. First, idiotic randomized worker movement make buildings much less efficient. Secondly, buildings collapse far too often (even with a maintenance shed close by). This will crash the town economy exponentially: less workers means less services, then more workers leave (due to a decrease in services) causing even less services, and so on. Lethis - Path of Progress is a promising city builder ruined by ignorant AI workers and a turbulent economy.