Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Swindle Gameplay Review

I'm playing The Swindle, a roguelike platform game by Size Five Games.

The objective is to avoid the guards and hack computers that contain lots of money. Each level is procedurally generated, and increase in difficulty as more neighborhoods are unlocked. Cash is spent on upgrades in many areas, including agility, abilities, tools, and sensors. Character death is permanent (but robots are replaced for no charge); losing a character doesn’t matter too much as all upgrades are retained, although keeping a robot alive for several (or more!) levels provides a cash bonus. The controls are typical for a side-scrolling platform game, with double jumps and wall grabs. Enemies comes in different varieties: guards, cameras, bots, mines, and more. The line-of-sight indicators are extremely helpful in avoiding antagonists or timing attacks. The game mechanics strike a balance between platforming skill and strategy in approaching each new scenario, and losing doesn’t hurt thanks to the roguelike traits. Incorporating randomized levels and permadeath, The Swindle is a compelling platform game with a great theme.