Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Axis Football 2015 Gameplay Review

I'm playing Axis Football 2015, an American football simulation by Axis Games.

The game features a season mode comprising of twelve random games and the top eight teams making the playoffs. Quick matches are also available, either against the AI, another player on the same computer, or a coach-only mode where only plays are called. Games always have five-minute-long halves with substandard graphics and poor, repetitive commentary. There are only six plays per formation, greatly limited varied gameplay. The mouse-based passing system is novel, but difficult to execute consistently. Running the ball needs a gamepad for more precise control. There are no penalties, AI defensive backs are too good, and blocking is permanent for the entire play. The lackluster gameplay and limited features of Axis Football 2015 make it impossible to recommend in its current form.