Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Colonial Conquest Gameplay Review

I'm playing Colonial Conquest, a turn-based grand strategy game by Argonauts Interactive.

The United States, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Russia fight over victory points, accumulated by winning battles and controlling regions. Almost the entire map is neutral and ready to be invaded, so it is easy to accumulate territory quickly. The interface needs to display territory information directly on the map instead of requiring two mouse clicks. During the Spring, troops and ships can be recruited, forts can be constructed, information about regions can be sought, economic aid can be sent (not worth the investment), and enemy troops can be subverted (also not worth it). During the rest of the year, units can move and engage in automated combat. The easiest strategy is to pick one region to invade and then funnel all troops that way; the wide-open map makes conflict with other major nations rare. While Colonial Conquest lacks online multiplayer, the AI is decent enough at the game. Colonial Conquest attempts to expand the gameplay of Risk, but invading rarely involves conflict and the extra features are unnecessary.