Monday, August 17, 2015

Cosmonautica Gameplay Review

I'm playing Cosmonautica, a space adventure game by Chasing Carrots.

The game features a campaign and randomized sandbox games with cross-platform save support. Rooms are added to ships to provide living space, recreation, weapon support, and satisfy crew needs; placement of the rooms matters for fluid movement. Crew can be hired that possess different skills (pilot, cleaner, medic, repair, scientist, hacker), and each are assigned a schedule to keep the ship operating at maximum efficiency. Missions involve delivering goods or passengers, smuggling illegal goods, or engaging in combat. The limited space for rooms in each ship (especially the beginning ones) means only one or two types of missions can be successfully completed, which becomes repetitive quickly. New rooms and planetary access can be researched, but this process is very gradual. Modest funds can be made through trade, and pirates must be fended off in the outer systems. The slow expansion and repetitive missions of Cosmonautica reduce the enjoyment of this space adventure game.