Monday, August 24, 2015

Nightside Gameplay Review

I'm playing Nightside, a real-time strategy game by Omnidream Creations.

The game features a fourteen-mission campaign and twelve maps for one-versus-one skirmish against the AI or online matches that support up to four players. The three races feature two similar, traditional factions (Nova and Human) along with the Yx that spawn every building and unit from cells. The interface is well done, with one-click access to the mothership, unit producing structures, research buildings, and all units. Handy icons also show whether units can attack land or air units. Nightside features classic mechanics: extract resources, build buildings, make units (only air and ground, but no unit cap), research upgrades, and fight! There is little micromanagement, although pathfinding is poor (especially when a large group is given the same destination) and the lack of formations means units all move at different speeds. Units also won’t routinely attack enemies within their sight range, and the AI needs a resource bonus on any difficulty above “easy”. Nightside is an average real-time strategy game with a handy interface but little innovation.