Friday, August 28, 2015

Satellite Reign Gameplay Review

I'm playing Satellite Reign, a role-playing tactical strategy game by 5 Lives Studios.

A spiritual successor to Syndicate, the game plays out in a large, detailed city with lots of missions to complete. Controlling the four operatives in real time involves using cover, picking out targets, and switching between numerous weapons. Each of the four classes (soldier, support, hacker, and infiltrator) have different abilities and a skill tree that steadily unlocks with experience. Weapons can be modified with augmentations, and prototypes can be researched. Regular citizens and be hijacked and cloned to provide a steady supply of replacement characters. Most missions involve going into heavily defended strongholds, hacking gates and avoiding security cameras and patrols. Until weapons are unlocked and upgraded, stealth is the optimal means of successfully completing missions. With an open world to explore and the option to proceed with action or stealth, Satellite Reign is a fine, updated homage to Syndicate.