Monday, September 14, 2015

Armello Gameplay Review

I'm playing Armello, a role-playing strategic board game by League of Geeks.

The turn-based game features skirmish games against the AI and online contests with four anthropomorphic players; the game lacks games rules customization options. The victor can attain the highest prestige, collect spirit stones, or defeat the king directly. Action points are used to move between randomly-generated tiles, which offer different bonuses or penalties (income, health regeneration, health penalty, defensive bonus). Location-based quests offer safer and dangerous options, the latter of which grants powerful items or cards. Dungeons can also be explored (resulting in a simple dice roll for an outcome) and perils played by other players offer roll-based challenges. Cards include items that can be equipped for better dice rolls, spells, and “trickery” options. Each combatant is rated according to attack, health, card hand size, and spell capacity. Gold and mana are used to play cards, while rot damages each turn. Combat involves luck-based dice rolls that can be enhanced with cards. The AI makes some unintelligent, desperate moves and can be routinely defeated. While Armello does incorporate a lot of luck in getting the right cards and the right rolls, the presentation is unique and there is some underlying strategy to usurp the king and become the ruler of the land.