Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Renowned Explorers: International Society Gameplay Review

I'm playing Renowned Explorers: International Society, a strategic adventure game by Abbey Games.

The game includes some roguelike trappings, with randomized maps and optional permadeath. The crew includes three characters of varying abilities, all of which will come in handy during exploration. Resources are collected during expeditions; while maps are randomized, the same locations are utilized each game, which becomes repetitive. Supplies are limited as the team pushes across the island searching for the main treasure, and team resolve must be kept up as members are defeated. Each map includes locations that can grant random events, resources, perk-based challenges, shops, treasure, or encounters. The turn-based encounter battles utilize role-playing mechanics, with different attacks and buffs, but there is no “undo” button to alter erroneous movement choices. Between missions, resources are spent to increase stats and abilities: gold is used to purchase new equipment (weapons, armor), status is used to recruit an entourage that gives extra resources during missions, research unlocks other bonuses, and insight gained during missions is exchanged for resources. Renowned Explorers: International Society can be a challenging game, and while the theme is fantastic, repetitive locations and gameplay grow tired after several playthroughs.