Monday, October 19, 2015

Ancestory Gameplay Review

I'm playing Ancestory, a card-based turn-based strategy game by Kajak Games.

The objective is to reach the point limit first by capturing and holding totem locations and killing the enemy shaman. The game has a multiplayer focus, although there is a single player skirmish mode against an inconsistent AI opponent. The interface makes it difficult to rotate the camera and see around objects; there is also no “next unit” hotkey. The shaman cannot attack, but it can summon minions by playing cards. Mana fully refills each turn and the limit steadily expands, leading to quick games and a lack of stalemates. In addition to summoning minions, cards can also play spells or buffs onto the game board. While the AI needs improvement and there is limited card variety, Ancestory does offer some fast-paced, light strategic gaming.