Thursday, October 15, 2015

Concrete Jungle Gameplay Review

I'm playing Concrete Jungle, a card-based city building puzzle game by ColePowered Games.

The game features a challenging campaign mode along with custom games (single player, competitive against the AI, or local multiplayer). The objective is to clear lines (similar to Tetris) by placing point-producing buildings and then collecting those points with houses. The cards have a variety of positive and negative point value zones, in addition to occasional side effects. Each card played steadily increases the number of points required to clear new rows, while some cards increase the economy to allow the purchase of specific cards. Adjacent buildings of the same type form blocks, which earn a point bonus. The game requires planning strategy and a bit of luck in getting the “right” cards, which can be mediated by deck building. Concrete Jungle is a unique take on the puzzle genre thanks to a neat theme and an original combination of familiar game mechanics.