Monday, October 26, 2015

Planetbase Gameplay Review

I'm playing Planetbase, a space colony management game by Madruga Works.

The game features three planets to colonize, unlocked by achieving important milestones. The interface does grant access to most stats through a couple of screens, but it needs to indicate how many of each structure has already been built. A number of buildings are available to generate water, power, and oxygen, mine raw resources, grow food, manufacture goods, and fulfill colonist needs. Each new structure needs to be connected to an existing building, and components can be added to most structures to specialize the production in each. Colonists and bots will automatically undertake the tasks required to keep the base running, eliminating micromanagement. Random disasters will strike the base, and additional colonists and trade vessels will arrive over time. While Planetbase is fairly entertaining the first time around, there isn’t enough variety in the buildings and components for subsequent colonies.