Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Prison Architect Gameplay Review

I'm playing Prison Architect, a jail management simulation by Introversion Software.

The game features an open sandbox mode (with optional, money-based objectives), a story mode that serves as an extended tutorial, and an escape mode that allows players to break out of others’ prisons. Prisons are laid out by placing foundations, walls, doors and objects, then designating rooms (offices, cells, kitchen, canteen, yard, shower, infirmary, and lots more). The interface does allow for planning before construction begins, but the inability to add text to a plan is a notable omission. Various rooms have electricity and water demands that must be met, and staff-only areas can be defined. Personnel can be hired to run the jail, from guards to psychologists to janitors, with additional options unlocked through research. Each inmate has numerous needs, such as food, hygiene, exercise, family, and recreation, that are met by adjusting the daily routine and constructing the appropriate rooms. A variety of reports gives information in the prison. Prison Architect is a detailed management game that could have a more user-friendly interface.