Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Anno 2205 Gameplay Review

I'm playing Anno 2205, a city building simulation by Blue Byte and Ubisoft.

In a puzzling move, this entry in the venerable series lacks multiplayer, randomized sandbox maps, and standalone scenarios, relying solely on a single, repetitive campaign. Each mission has very specific objectives that must be met in order to unlock the next map. Buildings are placed to house workers, collect resources, and manufacture goods. There are very limited locations to build structures that require mountains or water, so every play on the same map ends up looking identical. Very simplified resource flow makes it easy to meet production and citizen demands, while keeping logistical and energy supplies up is also straightforward. Resources can be traded between cities on the global map. Anno 2205 features unnecessary real-time naval battles that don’t even take place near your cities; there is no strategy during these conflicts, simply move towards the objective location and use the occasional repair or destruction power. Anno 2205 is a disappointing, limited, undemanding city builder with absolutely no replay value.