Monday, November 02, 2015

Chaos Reborn Gameplay Review

I'm playing Chaos Reborn, a turn-based strategy game by Snapshot Games.

The game features a number of game modes, from user-designed campaigns to online and single-player skirmishes. Different options can be enabled for each relatively quick match, which can be played in real-time or asynchronously. While the game lacks specific deck building that would lead to unbalanced tactics, equipment can be purchased (using in-game gold earned by playing matches) to preferentially select more of certain types of cards during the random draw before each match or provide a small buff. Cards are used to summon an array of creatures, activate an attack spell, put up defensive structures, or buff units. Each card has a percentage chance of success, which can be increased by players repeatedly using the same card alignment (chaos or law) during the game. “Fake” units called illusions can be summoned with 100% success, and they attack and move just like “real” units; however, they can be instantly removed from the game by an opponent using the “disbelieve” spell. But, disbelieving a “real” unit prevents playing any other card that turn, so there is definitely some intriguing strategy regarding illusions and when to disbelieve other players. Mana points, collected by killing things or moving onto mana sprites, can be used to increase the odds of a successful card play or saved up to cast a powerful spell. Combat uses the attributes of each creature (attack, defense) to display chances of success; units with low agility must stay engaged in battle against adjacent enemies across multiple turns. Terrain and light of sight also offer tactical considerations on the battlefield. Finally, the AI serves up competent opposition, although the focus is clearly on online play. Chaos Reborn features a number of intriguing gameplay mechanics that make it stand out in the realm of turn-based strategy games.