Monday, November 16, 2015

Fuego! Gameplay Review

I'm playing Fuego!, a Mexican standoff strategy game by radiostatic.

The turn-based game has offline skirmishes against the AI, a puzzle mode, and online action. More customizations options, including the ability to increase bandito count or alter the placement time, would be welcome. The goal is to collect the most gold: banks are shot to collect gold, while enemies can be shot to steal the gold they have collected. Four randomly selected banditos are given one at a time, quickly placed on randomized maps in ten-second intervals. Their guns are aimed, and after all four are placed, the least number of guns fires first. The result is some intriguing strategy and a very fast-paced game (maybe a bit too fast), with randomization that keeps things interesting. With some additional game flexibility options, Fuego! would be a novel take on action-oriented turn-based strategy games.