Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars Gameplay Review

I'm playing Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars, a roguelike space adventure game by Digital Eel.

As with previous games in the series, Infinite Space III involves quick games where stars are explored and death is common. Starting from the home world, travel between stars will uncover potential allies, lots of loot, enemies, and other surprises. Infinite Space III has moved to 3D, which is a step in the wrong direction: navigating the star map is much more confusing, especially when trying to figure out where nebulae are located. The 3D graphics are also not any better than their 2D counterparts in previous games. There are lots of things to find and equip in the galaxy, which, along with the randomly generated maps, increase replay value. Real-time battles are very basic affairs, as simple move commands are the only source of input on the outcome. An unnecessary move to 3D and a poor interface overshadow any improvements made in this space adventure sequel.