Monday, November 23, 2015

Mayan Death Robots Gameplay Review

I'm playing Mayan Death Robots, a turn-based strategy game by Sileni Studios.

The game features a campaign with really annoying mid-level bosses and events that interrupt smooth gameplay and increase randomness and luck, along with quick matches against the AI or a local opponent (no online multiplayer, sadly). There is a decent selection of maps, but none are randomly generated. There is no tutorial or explicit instructions on what actually to do or how the game works. Similar to Worms and Scorched Earth, Mayan Death Robots involves flinging projectiles around in a turn-based environment. However, the goal here is to destroy the enemy core. The game lacks mouse controls and features sluggish keyboard aiming which, along with a very short time limit to make each move, makes controlling the game very frustrating. Each robot only has access to two weapons, plus the ability to jump (no movement otherwise) or place terrain Tetris-style. Super weapons are given at seemingly random intervals. Killing the enemy directly causes them to lose their turn, while blasting Mayans increases the weapon blast radius. While Mayan Death Robots tries to capture the essence of turn-based artillery games, the poor controls, random events, limited arsenals, reliance on luck, and lack of multiplayer support drastically reduce any potential enjoyment.