Monday, November 30, 2015

Rise: Battle Lines Gameplay Review

I'm playing Rise: Battle Lines, a turn-based strategy game by Secret Games Company.

The game features both offline skirmishes against the humans or the AI and online matchmaking. There is only one bland map available in the game, although the random army draft makes the starting units different for each playthrough. Since some units are much better than others, the draft is a bit extraneous and whomever picks first gets a distinct advantage. The goal is to eliminate all enemies by moving and attacking melee, ranged, and mount units around the hex map. A unit can only attack enemies that start each simultaneous turn in range, so there is strategy in keeping units outside of enemy range so they cannot be targeted. Units near the general attack and move first, so another layer of strategy is added there as well. The AI is decent but never offers a great challenge, so the focus is clearly on quick multiplayer matches. Overall, the single map and limited unit variety inhibit replay value in this streamlined turn-based title.