Monday, December 14, 2015

DiRT Rally Gameplay Review

I'm playing DiRT Rally, a racing simulation by Codemasters.

The game features a large variety of events to partake in: championships (both offline, custom, and online playlists), online events (daily, weekly, monthly, and owners stages), leagues, and custom events covering the three disciplines in the game: rally, hillclimb, and rallycross. Custom events can be randomized or custom designed with different weather conditions and stage arrangements. Six detailed locations are included, with narrow circuits that clock in under ten minutes for “long” events. The graphics engine does a great job producing nice visuals at a fast rendering speed. A plethora of cars are available to race from the 60’s to today, unlocked in the campaign mode or fully available in custom events. The handling feels as right as I can imagine considering my lack of actual rally racing experience. There are also setup options for those whom which to tweak, and repairs are available every two stages during longer events. DiRT Rally is finally the realistic, feature-filled rally racing simulation aspiring drivers have craved in the DiRT series.