Monday, December 07, 2015

Just Cause 3 Gameplay Review

I'm playing Just Cause 3, an open-world action adventure game by Avalanche Studios and Square Enix.

Featuring an expansive map to explore, Just Cause 3 does not include multiplayer, although there are online leaderboards for a ton of stats that requires logging in each time the game is started. The main story can be ignored if desired (although some core game mechanics like fast travel and rebel drops are unlocked through the missions), and it features typical mission design like escort or timed scenarios. Outside of simply playing in the sandbox and tethering objects together to make them explode, Just Cause 3 has numerous villages to liberate by destroying key objects in each town (shown on the full-screen map, but no minimap), challenges like driving and wingsuit flying to earn upgrades, and random encounters. New to the game is the wingsuit, useful for covering ground while in the air, and more tethers (up to six, once unlocked through challenges). The physics engine is very solid, allowing for imaginative situations like strapping explosives to a cow, tethering it to a helicopter, and dropping it on an enemy base from above. The difficulty is significantly less punishing than before, making the game much less frustrating. I did not experience any technical issues while playing the game (a solid 70-100 FPS during gameplay, no glitches, no crashes), although other users do report issues. Like its predecessor, Just Cause 3 does get repetitive, so it’s best played on one to two hour bursts. While obviously borrowing a lot from the previous game, Just Cause 3 remains a fun physics mayhem sandbox with a handful of improvements.