Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Valhalla Hills Gameplay Review

I'm playing Valhalla Hills, a settlement management simulation by Funatics Software and Daedalic Entertainment.

The game features randomly generated maps on which to develop each village, with the goal to eventually engage the hostile units that spawn at the portal to the next map. A variety of production (resource collection, tool manufacturing, food production) buildings can be constructed, with extra resources required to build on a slope. Houses increase the population cap, while paths extend the network of resource delivery. Military buildings are required to fend off hostile units located within range. Although the vikings generally do a decent job performing their assigned tasks, the AI sometimes takes too long to gather the resources required to build structures or defend against enemies. Valhalla Hills features a resource chain just complex enough to keep the game interesting, although repetitive build strategy and occasionally iffy AI reduce enjoyment somewhat.