Monday, January 11, 2016

Blood & Gold: Caribbean! Gameplay Review

I'm playing Blood & Gold: Caribbean!, a pirate role-playing game by Snowbird Games.

The game features both single player and multiplayer adventures where a designed character takes to the seas in search of riches. The campaign maps includes all of the important towns in the Caribbean, where different factions vie for supremacy. Each city includes a tavern where subordinate leaders can be recruited, a shipbuilder for purchasing or repairing ships, a market for trade, a mansion for missions, and a town hall to purchase and manage factories. Party members gain experience and earn upgrades through combat, which can take place both on land and in the sea. Terrestrial battles mirror those found in Mount & Blade, while naval combat is fairly traditional: movement using the wind to position cannons towards the enemy, with different types of shot available and boarding actions once crews have been diminished. Blood & Gold: Caribbean! feels and plays like a somewhat substantial modification of Mount & Blade (which it is), with all of the pluses (freeform living world) and minuses (many rough edges) that particular game engine entails.