Monday, January 18, 2016

Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2016 Gameplay Review

I'm playing Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2016, a sports management game by Wolverine Studios.

The game supports both local and online leagues, with historical rosters available back to 1920 (although NFL league formats aren’t complete to accompany them correctly) and various rules for league format and finances. The usual options found in management games are available: free agency, draft, training regiment, and roster management. Adjusting the depth chart is tedious, as the same basic lineup can’t be copied for multiple formations. While strategic options are available to adjust run/pass percentage and preferred formation for different downs and distances, there is no play design. Game simulations are generally realistic, although there is no interaction at all during a game. In the end, Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2016 is just an average sports management game with no outstanding features.