Monday, February 08, 2016

American Truck Simulator Gameplay Review

I'm playing American Truck Simulator, a driving and management simulation by SCS Software.

The game currently features two states (California and Nevada), with Arizona added for free later and additional states as DLC. Only two truck models are initially available, although more are coming in the future as well. The game is largely the same as Euro Truck 2: transporting goods through one-off contracts or running a company, hiring other drivers to earn additional money, and expanding the enterprise over time. Experience earned while driving can be spent to unlock the ability to transport more precious cargo further distances. The interface and overall driving experience is essentially identical; that said, American Truck Simulator is just as enjoyable and hypnotic as its predecessor. Although the game is more like an extensive modification than a full sequel, it is priced appropriately and fans of Euro Truck 2 will feel right at home on the roads of California and Nevada.