Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Flame in the Flood Gameplay Review

I'm playing The Flame in the Flood, a roguelike survival game by The Molasses Flood.

America has flooded and it is the job of the protagonist to survive. While floating down the river, solid objects must be avoided while piloting, and randomly generated locations appear. These include campgrounds, churches, bait shops, and wilderness, and they are explored for supplies to maintain food, water, clothing, and sleep levels. Fairly extensive but straightforward crafting involves combining items to create tools, clothes, cooked food, medicine, traps, and other items, but limited inventory slots between the backpack, dog, and raft means everything cannot be kept. A detailed injury system requires specific remedies, while completing side objectives awards items. Very aggressive enemies like boars and wolves should be avoided unless appropriate weapons or traps have been crafted. The Flame in the Flood is challenging without being unfair, and it is not tedious to start a new game since locations and items are randomized for increased replay value. The result is a very compelling, engaging, and demanding survival game.