Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Airship Asunder Gameplay Review

I'm playing Airship Asunder, a turn-based strategy game by Sally Rough.

The objective is to manage towns, recruit an army, and defeat the pirate king. The ship is an armed dirigible, capable of transporting goods and people and firing upon the enemy. Once a camp is formed, the surrounding eight squares can be used to produce food, wood, rock, iron, ammo, fuel, or mana. In addition, schools can be constructed to produce military-focused villagers. There aren’t enough squares around a single village to produce everything, so expansion is required. The interface is very unintuitive, and it is extremely difficult to find information quickly. Towns grow slowly, which is problematic because the enemy units are very aggressive at all times in the game. A lot of effort is spent swatting enemy forces from taking over villages, which can be difficult since ground and air units move at the same speed (one square per time unit), and the remaining time is spent tediously shuttling resources between towns and the ship. When enemies are encountered, different stances can be used in a simple countering mechanic. Airship Asunder has potentially interesting gameplay tarnished by an unwieldy interface and tedious gameplay mechanics.