Friday, March 04, 2016

Life in Bunker Gameplay Review

I'm playing Life in Bunker, a management simulation by Flox Studios.

Sealed underground for 200 years, the goal is to survive. Rock is removed to make room for walls and the floor (which also places ceiling tiles). Electricity, water, and oxygen must be produced and then carried to the items that need it. Citizens are grown in the incubator and assigned a job when matured: worker, janitor, cook, engineer, farmer, or scientist. Each citizen has several needs to fulfill, achieved by using beds, showers, toilets, sofas, and exercise bikes. Food grown by farmers at designated locations is processed at the kitchen. Scientists can heal sick citizens at the infirmary or produce research points at a station, allowing for upgrades. Ore deposits can be mined for building materials. There are no complex resource chains or sophisticated requirements to build things or fulfill needs. Life in Bunker is a very simple management game, similar in style to space colonization sims, just underground.