Friday, March 11, 2016

Obliteracers Gameplay Review

I'm playing Obliteracers, an arcade combat racing game by Varkian Empire and Deck 13.

The game supports up to sixteen players on the same screen; racers that fall too far behind the leader are eliminated. In addition, any internet-enabled device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, and act as an input device; while the phone controls could be improved, the ability to support so many players on the same machine is notable. Online play is also supported, and all local players can join the same online event. Four game modes are included: survival (last racer standing), knockout (rounds with one point per kill), endurance (continuous racing with one point per kill), and leader (first place earns all the points for kills). Obliteracers also includes lots of interesting modifiers to the game rules, and four maps with varied weather conditions. Games are very quick, as the focus is on shooting rather than traditional racing. Weapons can be picked up and cover a typical array of usage options. Shields can be used to block any incoming shots (at the expense of control) or absorb a weapon pickup to repair. The “floaty” physics means lots of racers are eliminated by falling off the tracks. Large chaotic races, adjustable game rules, varied racing modes, and support for alternative input devices make this combat racer really stand out.