Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Polaris Sector Gameplay Review

I'm playing Polaris Sector, a real-time 4X space strategy game by SoftWarWare and Slitherine.

The single-player-only game features some realistic galaxy arrangements and different races that, while providing varied starting attributes, don’t offer unique ships or technologies. Unique features include automated colonization and planet management where the AI determines buildings to construct based on the overall policy of the world. Six resources are shared between planets automatically, so individual worlds can be specialized. Research is innovative in that there isn’t a tree, just technologies that are continuously researched and can be prioritized. Customized ships can be designed using researched components, but more default ship ideas would be appreciated. Diplomatic options are generally basic, as is the real-time combat. Opposing AI players are usually good adversaries. While Polaris Sector is notable for its automation features and unique research, the game is not quite as engaging as other 4X titles.