Monday, April 25, 2016

Automata Empire Gameplay Review

I'm playing Automata Empire, a real-time strategy game by Nonadecimal Creative.

The game features several skirmish game modes against the AI: elimination, conquest, capture the flag, and more; online multiplayer is planned for the future. Units move automatically and combine populations when colliding: a single unit moves randomly, a “2” moves forward and turns, a “3” moves straight, and a “4” follows enemies. Populations greater than four split and make an additional unit, while severely overcrowded units are eliminated from the game. Population can be used to construct several buildings that corral units, block movement, launch units, create paths, or give weapons for increased attack ratings. The key to the game is management unit movement and creating positive feedback loops to increase unit populations, because when opposing units converge, the higher population wins. AI opponents are very good at the game. Although difficult to manage (on purpose), Automata Empire is a unique take on the real-time strategy game.