Friday, April 15, 2016

Game Tycoon 2 Gameplay Review

I'm playing Game Tycoon 2, a management simulation by Sunlight Games and KISS Ltd.

The game features a campaign of twenty missions with specific objectives (plus tutorials) and an endless mode to make the greatest game developer of all time. The interface has a lot of limitations, requiring many clicks to switch between departments; it would have been better to offer a simple drop-down menu to access other locations. The game also auto-pauses for some events (like game development finishing) but not others (like research or production finishing). Step one is to peruse the publisher and distributor contracts for a game to make. Then, make a game concept by choosing various options for quality and features. Hire a team from the university and then assign them to development. Finally, manufacture the game, send it to the distributor, and advertise it. Additional options include researching new technologies and purchasing furniture for your home. However, the game development cycle is very monotonous and bland. The extremely repetitive gameplay and limiting interface makes Game Tycoon 2 a hard sell.