Thursday, April 07, 2016

Gremlins, Inc. Gameplay Review

I'm playing Gremlins, Inc., a turn-based board game by Charlie Oscar.

The goal is to accumulate the most score points. Cards from a six-card hand can be played to move around the game board, or used in specific locations to earn money, score points, gain votes, or perform other actions. A large number of different cards in the deck generates significant game variety. The board can only be traversed in certain directions; locations can give income, require bribes to be paid, or involve a roll against police inquiry, risk, misfortune, or gambling opportunities. Money is used to play certain cards (especially those that earn the score points required for victory), while votes are used to elect the governor (a player that never pays bribes and can’t be arrested by the police) and malice can be earned by playing “mean” cards and increases the bribe penalty. Going to jail can have its benefits, with experience giving better cards drawn per turn behind bars. Highly contentious AI opponents provide good opposition. Gremlins, Inc. is a unique board game with a memorable theme and solid AI opponents plus online play.