Monday, April 18, 2016

Villagers Gameplay Review

I'm playing Villagers, a city management simulation by bumblebee and Avanquest Software Publishing.

The game features a campaign consisting of six chapters on six maps, plus a free play mode that allows you to play on any of those six maps without objectives. There are no randomized maps and this decreases replay value. The interface could be better: there is simply no reason for building information to take up a majority of the screen, and the display can’t be moved and other actions can’t be performed while it’s open. Resources (wood, stone, iron, food, tools) can gathered or produced, allowing for a variety of buildings to be constructed, covering production (farm, mill, bakery, barn, fishing dock, forester, quarry, mine, and forge (for tools)), housing, or services (well, tavern, inn, chapel, pharmacy). Villagers plays very, very similarly to Banished and fails to add anything innovative to the genre.