Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Duskers Gameplay Review

I'm playing Duskers, a roguelike exploration survival game by Misfits Attic.

Drones are used to search derelict spaceships for supplies and clues regarding the demise of the human civilization. Specific objectives, other than simply searching more vessels, suggest which kinds of ships to take over in order to advance the story. Fuel is used to travel between galaxies, systems, and ships. Between missions, drone and ship upgrades can be swapped, repaired, or traded. Randomized ship layouts greatly increase replay value and apprehension in each mission, as hostile enemies can pounce and destroy. Drones can be directly controlled (using the arrow keys) or given typed commands, which is an alluring gameplay mechanic. Operating doors, gathering fuel or scrap, scanning the ship, enabling defenses, towing disabled drones, deploying motion sensors, sending out probes, attacking enemies, and blowing airlocks (plus other commands) are all performed through the console. The strategy in dealing with hostiles differs based on the limited abilities of the drones, further increasing mission variety. Though it can get repetitive, the immersion the theme provides and the replay value of the randomization makes Duskers captivating.