Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Feudalism Gameplay Review

I'm playing Feudalism, a turn-based strategy game by IV Productions and Merge Games.

The objective is to become the most powerful family in medieval Europe. Creating a new game can be done quickly or using a large number of customization options; multiplayer requires manually distributing a saved game file to the other players. The interface is absolutely atrocious: it is difficult to find units, select armies, see building queues, give orders, and identify idle buildings or units. With a potentially large kingdom to manage, having an inadequate interface kills the game. Three resources are produced at villages, which can be placed at plentiful locations on each of the regions of the game world. It is far too easy to have an abundance of resources, eliminating any interesting decisions involved in where to found new villages and what to build in those towns. The research tree is linear and uninteresting, as are the diplomatic options. Children can be assigned to concentrate on jobs throughout the kingdom (I’ll have my baby help with research!). The inaccessible, frustrating interface of Feudalism, along with a general lack of polish, overshadows any minor highlights the game has to offer.